4th of July Food, Drink, Decor & Outfit Ideas

Every 4th of July, DJ and I enjoy watching the parade in Town and then hanging out with the family at his uncle’s home. Since DJ and I moved away, we have been missing so many things about his hometown that we never even noticed before. My favorite 4th of July memory is of us walking back home after an awesome fireworks show. The streets were absolutely mobbed with people walking home, and there were no cars on the road at all. It was so special that so many people in the community were celebrating together. DJ and I are looking forward to being back in Town for the long weekend and spending the holiday with both our families.

In anticipation of the holiday, I did some browsing online, and found some inspiration. Sometimes when I see advertisements or go out shopping, I get bummed out because holidays seem so empty and commercialized. Just the same old holiday sales and plastic crap as ever. I really enjoy looking through bloggers’ posts and small businesses’ holiday products because it makes the holidays feel so much more personal and meaningful. So here are some cool red white and blue food, drink, decor and outfit ideas. You can click each picture for more info, and check out my pinterest board for a few more ideas.

Patriotic Food & Drinks

Angel Food Cake layered with whipped cream and fruit from Blahnik Baker
American Berry Pie from Land O’Lakes

4th of July Salad from Green Lite Bites
Red, White, and Blue White Wine Sangria from Growing Up Gabel

Festive Home Decor

Tablescapes from StoneGable and BabyCenter. The blue vases are actually food colored, which is a cool idea!

Remnant flag from Flamingo Toes and wine cork flag from eBay. Love that these two decorations are made with things found around the house!

Painted mason jars by JarHeaven on Etsy.

Red White & Blue Outfit Ideas

Those who know me might get the idea that I’m very picky about what I wear… I liked these outfits a lot because they’re not overly costume-y and can be put together with normal wardrobe pieces. I resent buying clothes/accessories for one occasion and them hardly ever using them again. This 4th of July, I’m thinking about making either a headband like the first photo or a big floppy bow for my hair. I grabbed a couple flags at the dollar store to refashion.

Adorable headbands from Elizabethany and Iconosquare.


Bow back tank and outfit from Etsy.

Taylor Swift in chambray skirt with red and white bikini top.
Jennifer Lawrence in white blouse, red belt and navy skirt.

4th of July Food, Drink, Decoration & Outfit Ideas @ www.thriveorsurvive.us

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