July Goals & Weekend Wrap-up 

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! We had a blast hanging out with our families, but were a little groggy heading into work this morning. Here are some photos from our 4th of July, if you would like to see!

On Saturday, we packed up our car and headed down to DJ’s parents’. We enjoyed dinner, a fire and great company. Also stopped by Kelly Green Brewery and got Deej a growler fill. Sunday we went to my parents’ house and had another delicious dinner and hung out for a while.

Then on Monday we celebrated 4th of July with DJ’s family and my sister! It was so fun to spend the holiday with Victoria and catch up with everyone that we don’t see as often.

July Goals

Asheville Road Trip

We cannot believe that it’s July already! As always, DJ and I have a lot going on this month. In a little less than two weeks, we will be leaving for our Asheville road trip. We can’t wait to be back in North Carolina, its our favorite place! As we plan the rest of our trip, we are going to be posting the final part of our Epic & Affordable Road Trip series, Healthy Food on the Road. We will also be wrapping up and connecting all 3 posts with a free downloadable road trip planner, so you can easily plan your own adventure!


Since this summer has been so busy so far, DJ and I feel like our goals have fallen to the end of our to-do list. This month, we are planning to finish decluttering our kitchen, bathroom and attic in preparation for a yard sale next month. In the kitchen, I am planning on upgrading to reusable paper/plastic products starting this month. As we run out of paper towels, storage bags, napkins, disinfectant wipes, plastic wrap, water bottles and other products, I am going to replace them with reusable versions. In addition to saving money on constantly replacing the disposables, we are looking forward to producing less waste and getting toward being a more eco-friendly household!


We’ll also be getting ready to participate in our next Whole30 after we get back from Asheville. The Whole30 diet is a monthlong clean-eating program that resets your metabolism, reshapes your relationship with food, and can potentially illuminate food allergies.  Since we didn’t complete all 30 days on our first attempt, I am going to be planning and preparing for better success this time. Our main factors for ending the Whole30 early were the extra expenses and time spent food prepping. So I’m going to work on alleviating those issues this time around and will definitely send out on update later on how we are doing!

Thrive or Survive Website

As some readers may notice, we recently updated our website design and header. DJ and I are still working on a couple of tweaks, but we are really happy with how it looks!  We are also working on setting up a giveaway, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, let us know if there is anything you would like to see posted or any other feedback you have on Thrive or Survive! Hope everyone survives the short work week ahead… Only three more days!

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