Fall Closet Clean Out – Selling with thredUP

The weather here in NJ has already been so cold! This past week and weekend, I’ve been working on switching my wardrobe over from summer to winter clothes. I looked over my summer clothes to see what I haven’t worn, and got rid of more pieces that don’t work for me. Hard to believe there is more to get rid of after downsizing my wardrobe by more than half! But having a smaller, tighter collection makes it so much easier to get dressed each morning.

During my first closet purge, I sent a few new and gently worn clothing pieces to thredUP and made an easy $20. So, as I am unpacking my winter wardrobe, I’m setting aside some more pieces to send. As I get a better sense of my style and what flatters me most, I am able to be a lot more selective about my wardrobe. Without even trying things on, a few pieces from last year stuck out like sore thumbs.

Fall Closet Clean Out - Tips for Selling with thredUP @www.thriveorsurvive.us

Fall Closet Clean Out - Tips for Selling with thredUP @www.thriveorsurvive.us

My goal is to slowly build thredUP store credit to pick out a few high-quality pieces that I wouldn’t be able to afford at full price. ThredUP is picky about what clothes they buy, but they also have an option to mail back what isn’t accepted. Their choosiness makes me way more interested in purchasing, knowing the pieces I buy will be in good condition. I put together some tips for success selling on thredUP, both from my experience and my research before I sold my first time.

Fall Closet Clean Out - Tips for Selling with thredUP @www.thriveorsurvive.us

Definitely check out your closet to see if you have any pieces lying around to get rid of, and let me know if you have any questions! If you’re interested in checking thredUP out, you can get $10 off your first purchase at this link! ThredUP also offers 40% off your purchase almost all the time – the current coupon code is ‘FALL40’

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