Sunday Rituals to Prepare for your Best Week Ever

Work has been super busy, and it seems like our weekends go by in a flash. When DJ and I don’t take time to get ready for the next week, it seems like we can never catch up. With the holidays also coming up and year-end at my office, it is only going to get busier! Using Sunday to refresh and prepare for the week ahead makes such a huge difference in the rest of our week.

Sometimes it’s tempting to stay in bed and watch TV all Sunday, but taking the time to prepare is super helpful and worth it. We do some housekeeping tasks help us prepare for the work week, and some self-care rituals that help us reset and refresh for a better mindset. Both are important to having a successful week.

  • Get ready for Monday – We inevitably tend to hit snooze on Monday mornings and usually end up running late to work. It helps to pack any bags you will need, prepare meals, and do any necessary errands to avoid rushing around. We take special care in preparing for Mondays to avoid starting the work week off on the wrong note.
  • Make a game plan for the rest of the week – Check out your calendar to see if you have any appointments or plans coming up. Note any needed preparation, such as outfits to be washed, gifts to be wrapped, or food to be prepared.
  • Make plans to look forward to – See if you have time this week for a date with your spouse or friend, time to work on a craft project, time to sit down with a good book. Having something to look forward to help the week go by faster and easier.

Sunday Rituals to Prepare for your Best Week Ever @

  • Identify goals for your upcoming week and reflect on your previous week – My husband and I like to take a few minutes to discuss how we each of us are doing, what we want, and what we need. Though we always talk throughout the week, sometimes not everything going on gets mentioned. It is helpful for us to take the time each Sunday to reflect and refocus on our week ahead.
  • Meal plan, grocery shop, and clean out the fridge – Fail to plan, plan to fail. Without a meal plan and fridge stocked with ingredients, we end up resorting to takeout. Since this is no good for our health or budget, I make sure to take care of our meals on Sunday.
  • Food prep – Taking a few minutes for food prep can make a big difference during the week. I like to marinate meats, wash and chop vegetables, poach chicken, hard boil eggs, make sauces, or do any other small tasks for our meal plan every Sunday.
  • Sunday dinner – On Sundays, my husband and I like to prepare a nice dinner to enjoy along with some wine or dessert. It’s our way to end the weekend on a sweet note.
  • Wash the sheets & towels – Fresh sheets and fluffy towels are luxurious. We like to throw these couple loads of laundry in each Sunday morning to avoid having to worry about making our bed at night when we would rather be sleeping.

Sunday Rituals to Prepare for your Best Week Ever @

  • Straighten up the house – Nothing major is needed; just clearing off cluttered surfaces, washing some dishes, and taking out the trash will only take a few minutes. Coming home to a clean house is a great feeling, especially during a hectic week at work.
  • Deal with any paperwork – This goes along with clearing off the table. Each week we tend to acquire a pile of mail on our dining room table and desk. By recycling the junk mail, filing needed papers and processing any bills on Sunday, there is one less thing to worry about.
  • Clean out your email inbox – If your work or home inbox is as cluttered as my dining room table, taking some time to delete spam and respond as needed may feel great on Monday.
  • Check the weather – It’s a good idea to be aware of the upcoming weather and how it may impact your week. It could mean leaving earlier for work, cancelled soccer practice, or getting your winter coat out of storage.
  • Plan outfits – While I’m checking out the weather, I start to brainstorm what I’ll be wearing for the week ahead. Sometimes I plan outfits for the whole week, sometimes I select 4-6 pieces I’m looking forward to wearing that week, and sometimes I just make sure my jeans are clean. Depending on what you have going on that upcoming week, having your wardrobe planned can be a big help.
  • Clean out and repack your bag – If your purse, work bag, or diaper bag is cluttered, take the time to empty it out. Throw away any trash and make sure you have everything you need.
  • Clean up and put gas in the car – If you commute to and from work, Sundays are a good day to clean any trash and clutter out of your vehicle and swing by the gas station if needed. One less thing to worry about on Monday morning.

Sunday Rituals to Prepare for your Best Week Ever @

  • Self-care & pampering – To relax before the week ahead, you can treat yourself to a manicure, bubble bath, hair treatment and/or some well-deserved “me-time”. Enjoy the time to focus on yourself in the midst of all the rushing around and responsibilities.
  • Exercise – Another great (and under-rated) way to relax is to get some exercise. A walk, hike, run or jog can help you get in a positive mindset for the week. Spending time in nature is a proven mood lifter.
  • Go to bed early – Whether or not you had some late nights this weekend, getting some extra sleep on Sunday is a great way to begin the week.
  • Meditate – If you’ve never tried meditating before, it can seem like a difficult task or a hoax. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Mindful meditation is as simple as focusing your breath and connecting with your body. It helps you be more present and less stressed. My favorite way to meditate is through guided sessions on the Calm app. The app has lots of guided and unguided meditation sessions to choose from for free, as well as a paid subscription with more options. My goal is to meditate for 15 minutes each night.

Jot down a couple of ideas that might work for you, and let me know if you have any other ways to get ready for the work week that aren’t included! DJ & I are always looking for ways to help our week go more smoothly!

Best wishes for your week ahead,

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