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Links We Love - January 29, 2017 -

How was your weekend? Deej is feeling a lot better, but still has a nagging cough. We had a fun weekend, and enjoyed hanging out with a friend in Lambertville! Next up we are getting ready for the upcoming week, like we do every Sunday.

Here are some interesting and helpful links from around the inter-webs : )

1) Cooking Light’s Staff Favorites: The 106 Best Recipes of 2016 – If you’re looking for some new dinner ideas, this list from Cooking Light will not disappoint! I pinned a few recipes to make for dinner soon.

2) Inside the Fascinating Marriage of Julia and Paul Child – Julia Child was a woman very much ahead of her time, and this fascinating article shows how the couple worked together on Julia’s career and how they built their fulfilling life together. I see many similarities in the Childs’ relationship and ours. And many of my own quirks and ambitions are echoed in Julia’s legacy.

3) Which side of your brain is more dominant? – DJ and I found this 30 second quiz really interesting. I am way more right brain dominant (which I could have guessed), DJ apparently uses his brain equally. Right side is more creative and intuitive, while left is more focused on strategy, logic, and rules. Which side do you use most?

4) The Women’s March and Beyond – I loved Joanna Goddard’s article on the Women’s Marches last Saturday. Wish I could have gone and been part of the crowd in Philadelphia. So many women and men (around the world!) feel very threatened by the current political culture, and it is great to see everyone united on Saturday to support each other. I have hope that even if we can’t be supported by our political leaders, we can at least count on our friends and neighbors around us. We can spread love and compassion, and help each other as best as we can.

5) 7 Day Smartphone Detox – Sometimes I get so distracted by my phone that it becomes hard to focus on what is going on around me. This Monday through Sunday smartphone “detox” plan is actually really informative, walking through steps such as turning off notifications, charging in a different room, and finally leaving your phone off all day on Sunday.

Best wishes for your week ahead,


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    January 31, 2017 at 11:23 am

    I love Joanna Goddard’s article too! Off to check out more of your suggested links. Thanks!

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      January 31, 2017 at 9:19 pm

      Thank you Faith!! Hope you enjoyed them : )


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