Hire Laura Kensil – Lifestyle Writer and Blogger

In addition to posting on my own little corner of the internet, I’m also available for hire! If you need help with blogging, copywriting, editing, or consulting, let me know! I’m a creative and adaptive problem solver who loves to exceed expectations. Here’s how I can help you:

Blogging Services

As an avid reader of many blogs and publications, I have intuitive knowledge of the blogging industry and its trends. I specialize in blogging because I love the unique community and diversified opportunities that the industry offers. I can’t wait to help you take advantage of your site’s full potential.

If your site doesn’t have a blog, why not?? You’re missing out on a valuable chance to connect with consumers! If you want to get the attention of potential customers, build brand recognition, and drive traffic to your website, contact me to get started today! I’ll launch your blog so you can take advantage of all the benefits it will provide right away. See below for my offer to new business owners!

If you have a blog, but don’t have time to keep it updated as often as you’d like, I can pitch you some ideas for posts I think would do well, or write any posts you already have ideas for! To someone who isn’t familiar with the industry, blogging can be a huge time commitment. However, I’m a writing, coding, designing whiz! Since I am a fast worker and have extensive knowledge of the industry and many computer programs, I can complete outstanding posts in less time. I typically charge per hour, which enables me to save you both time and money! I also offer discounts on reoccurring posting schedules.

If you already have a blog, but aren’t getting the results you want, let me know! I’ll evaluate your site for free. I can give you an honest analysis detailing your strengths and missed opportunities, with clear information on how to move forward. Then if you’re interested, we can work together to improve your site!

Writing Services

You may be aware that I’ve been posting on Thrive or Survive for about a year. However, my main focus has been behind the scenes – I’ve learned all about writing exciting content and building brands in the digital age. And now I’m ready to make your business shine!

Copywriting is essential for any business! Transform your site from boring to exciting with effective copywriting, and motivate your readers to take action. Make sure your emails and social media posts aren’t just being read but are driving interactions and purchases.

Press Releases are a great way to get the media’s attention! I’ll create a dynamic and exciting release to highlight your brand or product announcement. I can either send the release for your distribution, or I can distribute it for you to a custom list of related media personnel!

Other Services

Social Media Post Creation and Scheduling

During the last few months, I’ve been working with Thrive or Survive’s social media presence. I more than doubled my Instagram following and tripled my Pinterest following, while only dedicating a couple of hours per week to my brand.

Through efficient keywords, image design and pin scheduling, I get over 450,000 Pinterest viewers each month and tons of website referrals. Pinterest is a great way to get your site noticed by many potential customers that businesses aren’t taking advantage of! Let me know if you need help optimizing your business and getting noticed on Pinterest!

Even though I wouldn’t claim to have expert photography skills, my Instagram posts also reach a wide audience due to my utilization of trending hashtags and scheduling my posts while my target audience is most active. Let me know if you’re interested in custom hashtag research, scheduling services, or image curation!

Graphic / Web Design

In addition to doing all the graphic and web design work on Thrive or Survive, I have a proven track record of producing successful Pinterest images, as well as creative T-shirt designs, festive party invitations, skillful photo collages, posters, and many other projects. Contact me for work samples and competitive pricing on your project!

Virtual Assistant Services to Save You Time

If you’re busy and overwhelmed, let me take some things off your plate! When you own a business, I know that there is always something more to do. If you need help updating old content, optimizing your site’s SEO, or taking care of any other boring tasks – I’m your girl! I’m lightning fast and can take care of whatever you need in a flash while you work on the more important stuff. Since I typically charge per hour, you can take advantage of both time and money saved!

Just starting out?

I offer discounted rates to help new business owners start off on the right foot! Getting your business started is probably overwhelming, but online presence doesn’t have to be. By investing in my help, I can take care of the nitty-gritty details of growing your audience, while you concentrate on the big picture! Contact me for details and a custom quote.

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